In addition to iron and carbon, the content of other elements in alloy steel is also very high. Other elements (like manganese, silicon, nickel, titanium, copper and chromium) are also called alloying elements because they form alloys. Alloy elements are added to improve the hardness and durability of the steel. In addition, it improves corrosion resistance due to the presence of a large number of other elements such as chromium. According to the proportion of each component, the properties of alloy steel will change.

In general, alloy steel has lower strength, higher weldability, higher melting point, higher ductility and higher corrosion resistance.

Likewise, there are normal combination components and characteristics:

– Manganese:

  • Added to adjust the warmth treating necessities.
  • Requires quick extinguish from high temperature to an exceptionally low temperature to solidify. Notwithstanding, quick extinguish has a high danger of breaking.
  • More slow cooling rate. It tends to be extinguished in warm oil, water, room-temperature air. Illustration of air extinguishing steel: A4 device steel, which has 1.8% to 2.2% manganese.

– Chromium:

  • More than 11% chromium, it will become stainless steel, which diminishes erosion significantly.
  • Significantly influences strength, hardness, and warmth treatment.
  • Blend of cobalt and chromium gives extremely high wear obstruction.
  • Normally utilized for cutting passes on, shaping, tire shearing sharp edges, and punches.

– Molybdenum:

  • Increase corrosion resistance. The quenching rate required can be reduced by using manganese.
  • Increment durability and rigidity. Heavy-duty use
  • 4140 Steel is the most widely recognized of molybdenum and chromium mixes. Likewise alluded to as Chromoly steel.
  • Applied in hefty cog wheels, enormous shafts, workhorse of the steel world.

– Vanadium:

  • In the process of heat treatment, it helps to control the grain size of metal.
  • Steels likeO1 and D2.

– Nickel:

  • At the point when 18% or more chromium and 8% or more nickel, you get austenitic pure.
  • This lifts erosion opposition, which builds durability and effect strength.

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